August 24th – Hebrew 1 Online Class

Join Noble Anpu for a 4 week journey into the Hebrew language where you will learn over 40 words, read over 100 sentences, and recite 3 prayers. All of this in just 4 weeks. This class is only $45. For more info please visit: click here


September 19th-21st Fall Equinox Sedona Arizona

Join The Priesthood as they travel back to the Heart Chakra of the Earth-Sedona. This is a two day talk fast where you will bring a notebook to write down all of your feelings and thoughts while visiting 2 sacred vortexes and a Waterfall in the canyon. For more info please visit: click here.


October 16-19- Atlanta-$$$Bullion Dollar Manifestation Tour $$$

Join Minister Ju as he leads us on the First Spiritual journey of the Federal Reserve bank and then into a wealthy neighborhood. The primary objective is for us to use all of our physical senses where Trillions of dollars are printed and where homes cost millions of dollars, so you too may become wealthy and achieve your goals.  This tour will end with a Diamond meditation in a  remote area on sacred ground. For more info please visit: click here