June 19th-21st Summer Solstice MT.Shasta and IHAVE Workshop San Francisco

MT. Shasta is said to be home of the ancient Lemurians and serves as an antenna for the Crystal grids on Earth. Click here for more info.We will also host our I HAVE WORKSHOP in San Francisco. Click here for more info


July 11th -12th Book Release and Spiritual Wisdom Workshop Atlanta

Receive your FREE book when you enroll for the workshop and collective mediation on Stone Mountain. Click here for more info.


September 18-20 Fall Equinox Colorado 

More info coming soon


November 7th 2015 -Gala with the stars Appreciation dinner Washington DC

You are cordially invited to attend our Appreciation Dinner where we will honor your greatness. This is a Black and White dress event that be held in DC’S most prominent meeting locations.  For more info please click here