To’El Love Fund

The To’El Love Fund is an Angelic fund in which all members pay only $13 per month to help other members pay their expenses. Each month 4 members are selected and the entire account is divided among these members. To date we have paid over 300 members bills and this Fund has truly been a divine act of love. Membership only requires an open heart to help others. As a token of appreciation members do receive discounts and first notice on merchandise and events before the general public.












Ms. Schyvonne

Ms. Vonne has been a proud member of the Toel love fund, and when asked why she joined she replied ” cause it seemed as if it was truly from the heart”

Mr. Jamy Smith

Toel Member Jamy Smith was the very first member of the Love Fund. When Jamy was asked why he joined the fund he replied ” I thought it was something I could donate and tithe to, I had no idea I would actually get one of my bills paid”

$13 per month


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