Virgo New Moon 2017

Virgo New Moon 2017   It is has been a minute since I actually sat down to write an astrology article. I must say, with “see-through” transparency, that it’s both exciting

Aries Venus Retrograde 2017

Aries Venus Retrograde 2017 The purpose of this article is not to condemn or judge any particular school of thought or belief. The main objective and intention is to

Break Ups & Make Ups Venus Retrograde 2017

Retrograde -Smetrograde!!! Just what is a retrograde in the first place? From our viewpoint on Earth, when both Mercury and Venus go retrograde this simply means these 2 are passing by the earth and appear to be travelling back in the direction from where they were. Let us imagine a wall clock with the sun being in the dead center …

Portal into the Cosmos June 2016

The days that the world is likely to see domestic acts of violence such as school shootings, Earthquakes, plane crashes, and famous death will be: June 5 6 7 and 19 20 21