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There is a 99% chance that you will succeed when you enroll! That 1% is your dedication which is the most important ingredient to your success.

In our latest Law of Attraction Series, our average return per participant is $10,161 as of Nov 22nd 2016. In the past our original cost to enroll was only $100.

In simple math your $100 investment turned into $10,161 on average leaving you with a net profit of $10,060 which is a markup of 9960%

Whether its Business, Relationships, or Health, we all need a push towards success and most importantly, we all need the correct strategy and accountability.

Health is Wealth: When a cancer patient is told that there is a cure to cancer and here is the pill, the cancer patient overcomes cancer. But what happens when the pill was a fake, filled with water and was a placebo? How then did the cancer go away? The answer as with all of our perceived problems lies within the power of our minds. It is the old saying “mind over matter.”  Most diseases have their roots in emotional trauma in the form of past memories. With the right attitude, beliefs, and practice one can change their lives for the better and heal themselves instantly just like the placebo patient. We have helped people overcome 40 years of asthma, 3 years of eczema all of which left the doctors completely amazed. If better health is your aim we can help you.

Business & Money: Many people struggle in this area for many reasons. Some have a deep rooted sense of poverty that is lodged in their subconscious mind and no matter how many self help books they read and seminars they attend, the automatic program of poverty still remains. Others struggle with development of strategy and implementation while others struggle with a lack of discipline and accountability. Many times people struggle from all of the above at the same time.  With $3.2 million in results that consist of people receiving pay raises, new jobs, and higher paying clients, we can help you in this very important area of your life.

Relationships & Love: Perhaps the most mysterious and exciting of human endeavors. Many suffer in this area due to past traumas, jealousy, insecurities, and flat out ignorance. No one gets in a relationship with the intentions of breaking up but it happens! Think of relationships as two magnets. Between both of these magnets is an invisible force called magnetism known as attraction in the human world. When we understand that humans are also electric because we carry a static charge (brain wave, heart beat) we must understand that electricity flows between two poles, one positive and one negative. Everyone has their own issues of negativity but what we do not consider is the fact that within electromagnetism (attraction) we are unconsciously attracted to the negative in a person regardless to us knowing or not. Would you like to know how much negative energy a relationship has before you entered one? One of the most important aspects to love unions is what we call a CRP which stands for Conflict Resolution Plan. It is how we handle the conflicts that mirrors the quality of our relationships.  With our unique compatibility system – you are given the precise intelligence that is present in your relationship but most importantly you are given techniques that will help you achieve success.

  • Intense 30 day plan that you can duplicate for success 
  • Custom Techniques & Practices to enhance objectives
  • In depth Orientation
  • Weekly calls to ensure accountability


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