Consult with Niki

Since antiquity astrology has been a tool used to peer into and even influence the lives of humanity. I often make the statement that we as humans come to the planet with our own unique gifts and challenges to help us navigate through this great riddle called life. These gifts and challenges can be very apparent to us, but sometimes they lay dormant, in any case it is our job to activate our gifts and to find the solution to our challenges.

From the perspective that each of us is a co-creator with God/Creation/Universe, we gain the understanding that each light being (called humanity) is here on Earth to collect data in the form of experiences, to report back to the source at the end of our assignment. So now the question becomes, do you remember what your assignment is?

Each sign, planet and house in astrology is associated with some element or another. In the Western Tradition we consider 4 elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The degree to which all of these elements are present or absent from a person’s natal chart can give some significant insight into the gifts and challenges that an individual was sent to explore/develop.

The Inner-G In Balance Program is designed to examine these very questions; how is a particular person composed on the elemental level, what gifts and challenges does that composition imply, and even more importantly what techniques can be applied to better harmonize these influences? This program includes a personalized report and one-on-one consultation with Niki Builder to better concertize the report and to ensure that your questions are answered. I look forward to assisting you in your journey.