Kiddy Karma



Kiddy Karma Removing Negative Energy Before it starts is both a Yearly Report on PDF and Personal Coaching session to ensure accountability and success.

Kiddy Karma is not solely centered around abuse prevention. Our life challenges and karma falls in one of the 12 areas of the zodiac whether it be our love relationships, parents, money or health.

  • Overview of your children’s specific karma
  • External work and outline of what must be done. Fun and happiness is the key.
  • Internal work and application of Inner Peace Lighthouse Meditations designed to negate negative energy.
  • 12 month calendar that outlines the precise days in which both internal/external work must be done.
  • Receive email/text  reminder notification
  • one-15 minute private session with parent per month to ensure success and accountability
  • Please allow 7 days for your report as each report is personal and has to be created
  • Only $247
  • Any questions please call 267.403.4078

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