Kiddy Karma

2018 Special only $333 for 2 people

For the Serious Parent that really cares

True Story: It was October 2015 and I told a friend they would be in accident on a certain day in November. When that day came, they were indeed in an accident. My friend never read my report where I warned of such event. A question to ponder is; how did the event find them out of 7 billion people on Earth? The truth of the matter is simple, both positive and cosmic energy resides inside of our body and this explains why sometimes we are both happy and sad. 

Kiddy Karma Removing Negative Energy Before it starts is both a Yearly Report on PDF and Personal Coaching session to ensure accountability and success.

Kiddy Karma is not solely centered around abuse prevention. Our life challenges and karma falls in one of the 12 areas of the zodiac whether it be our love relationships, parents, money or health.

  • Overview of your children’s specific karma
  • External work and outline of what must be done. 
  • Internal work and application of Inner Peace Lighthouse Meditations designed to negate negative energy that is stored in the body. 
  • 12 month calendar that outlines the precise days in which both internal/external work must be done.
  • one-15 minute private session with parent per month to ensure success and accountability
  • Yearly Report in 24 hours from talking with you
  • Only $333 for 2 people 
  • Any questions please call 267.403.4078

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