To’El Love Fund only $13 per month

We are living within a world where financial difficulty is the norm. Spiritual wealth and financial wealth are both something that seems to be a contradiction to one another. We still live in a world where one is frowned upon to be both finically and spiritually wealthy.

As we have entered perhaps the most anticipated spiritual times of all ages “2012”, many of us will be in tune with our solar system and will start to make our inward ascension for the complete revolution of our souls, but yet we are still within the material world.

For a few years I have been in the company of many Angels and other not so nice beings by the way of other people, events, etc. As I have been able to leave the job market and accept my spiritual gifts, the creators have blessed me and have allowed me to share my gifts with people as a way of life. This is very important as many people never leave a job although they may really want to but simply cannot because they are stuck in what we call the Rat Race scrambling from pay check to pay check and bill to bill.

How do we bridge the gap? One step is really simple and that is “care for humanity”. As this is the Aquarius Age this is the order of the age!

A dear brother of ours was down on money and he and his family were facing an eviction. I done everything that I could do within my power and added the family to my Words of Power Altar and along with Kisha we prescribed a candle technique along with the proper Astrological times to pray. First his eviction was postponed by a few days and then he later checks his resources, and the problem was solved. As Brother Ju and I talked about this particular issue our spiritual guide Dejuti sent us a message. “Create a part of the Network that will give ALL of the funds to a selected person EVERY month that will go towards their utilities”.

This is not rocket science. All we have to do is care for one another and put our energy which is Intent, Money, and Genuine care within each other and we will create a positive karmic vortex amongst ourselves. This is the first secret to happiness and success!
To participate within this dynamic offering all you have to do is subscribe for only 13.00 per month. 13 represents the Hebrew word Achad which is Unity, and the Hebrew word Ahbah which is Love. Remember most of us live in a country that has its Astrological origins in the number 13.

Monthly conference call and newsletter

All members will be added to the Words of Power Altar

If you can find it within your heart please participate. As many of you have seen our accurate predictions, and even our Galactic Activations in group ceremonies where we created events based upon correct Astrological data, this fund is rooted in the Love of Humanity within the correct Age!

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Ms. Schyvonne

Ms. Vonne has been a proud member of the Toel love fund, and when asked why she joined she replied ” cause it seemed as if it was truly from the heart”

Mr. Jamy Smith

Toel Member Jamy Smith was the very first member of the Love Fund. When Jamy was asked why he joined the fund he replied ” I thought it was something I could donate and tithe to, I had no idea I would actually get one of my bills paid”

$13 per month

Solar Power 111 Membership

Solar Power 111 is designed after our book entitled Book of the Sun. In this program both you and or your partner of choice will be utilizing the power of the sun to empower both yourself and all of your partnerships. How is this done? All people have individual energy and when two peoples energy combines this becomes synergy. At this point we can identify the partnerships birthday. Once the birthday is established we then simply note the Suns position in the sky and how it relates to you for the entire year, year after year.
The best way for me to explain the power of this sun is for one to understand the seasons. The seasons are based upon the Earths distance to the sun. Our personal lives and all of our partnerships reflect the cycles of Sun. As the Earth travels around the Sun in 365 days 60 consecutive days are a downward cycle and after this point the cycles of harmony/challenge switch.

The ancients taught that the human soul has the ultimate potential to transform the human body into a physical vessel of light while living and at death. This process is known as the Rainbow body or the Light body. As a student of this process sunlight is the Main ingredient. How could it not be when the sun gives life to all of the Earths inhabitants?

Having had the luxury of being a student in The Living Soul as taught by Dr. Mitchell and Kathy Gibson I was introduced to the true meaning of the EGO. When I ask people; what is the ego? The answer is always equated with arrogance and selfishness. Although this is true the sole purpose of the ego is to prevent you from reaching enlightenment from lifetime to lifetime. I am still blown away by this. Is this true?

Being a student of the light body and knowing that the sun is the main ingredient for this process and as a professional Astrologer I know that the sun rules the Ego. This makes perfect sense!

Everyone is not born at the same time nor the exact same climate. All planets have their respective energies and all planets travel around our sun making the sun the boss of our solar system. When a person says I am a Gemini, I am a Leo, all the person is saying is the Sun was in the Gemini and Leo constellation when they were born. The mere fact that you know your zodiac sign says you are accepting the universal law of the Sun.

The question is since man + woman = child simply meaning 2 people produce a 3rd energy called a relationship; do you know the zodiac sign of your partnerships? What do you and your son produce when you two come together? What do you and your business partner produce when you two come together?

Solar Power 111 will Empower you! Every cycle you will utilize the Sun and fire by chanting ancient Mantras and solar affirmations. Success is in Timing!

Solar Power 111 includes

  • Astrological Birthday for your partnership or self
  • 365 day calendar by cycles (1 cycle at a time)
  • Astrological Mantras that correspond to your solar cycle
  • Conference Calls
  • Audio Reports
  • Astrological Timing of mega events such as Eclipses etc.

Enroll as a partnership for the price of 1 person $29 per month

Receive a Certificate of completion and $111 gift certificate