Numbers for the Month of June


Christ said, to enter the Kingdom, we must become “as a little Child.’ Children are continually in a state of joy and wonder! The future holds promises of mysteroius good. Anything can happen over night.. ” so look with wonder at that which is before you” FSS

As we journey into June, the 6th month of the year 2013. On the spiritual plane this month is vibrating to a 3 now how did I get that? the year is 2+0+1+3=6 and 6+6= 12 and 1+2=3. So this Month Energy is a 3 and it’s about being Creative and self expression and notice the Joys thats in your Life. This is a time to use your imagination in the art, Music, writing etc and create only that Good thats going to better this world. This also a month to appreciate the fine Arts so go out and have some fun, singing if you have a Voice, Dance and find that Rhythm of Life and play around with that inner Child that with in you. Be the inspiration to others. have more of a Social life, going out for some entertaining so be entertained for this month. Many of you may go out to Shop for new clothes and things, self improvement is a wonderful Energy this Month. Now there is going to be moments of feeling enlightenment and having to forgive those who have did you wrong and forgive yourself as well, things coming to a completion so finish old projects and have compassion and giving your time, talent and treasure, Think of communication your truth and be Peace, Love, and feel Lucky, In the mist spend some time with Family and Friends and wonderful time to meet new ones, go on vacation and travel. I also call this “Leading the Train of Life”. Time to shine or you may backslide due to the bad Karma that’s been done. Those who should be most aware are people that were born on 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30 of any month or have a life path, name, personal year or month or date number that adds up to numbers 3,6,9. Those born under the sign of Aries,Taurus,Libra,Sagittarius,and Pisces could also be conscience of the effect of the energy in July. People born in the months of March, June,September, December need to take note as well as people, places ,things and words with initials of C,E,I,L,N,R,U,W, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday are days of great favor so pay attention to them . For Spiritual assistance you should call on the Angel Sachiel “ The Covering of God”.

For HooDoo Números Meditation repeat these numbers to yourself out loud for June # 1280545 and you can also say 133915533. Repeat these many times every day for the rest of the month. This is something new that Spirit has been working on with me called Number Frequency to keep the body and your reality at a balance. I also give Personal HooDoo Números to clients in situations where they need to bring balance to their lives. Everyone who knows me knows that I have back problems. I know where it’s coming from, so I’ve got a code for that and I say it almost every day and no more pains in my back. So with the Numbers, everything has a code. By saying the code you are balancing it. Remember everything you do is calculated and there is Power in the Numbers. Do you have a question you would like to ask about the numbers in your life?

To learn more about your energy this year and what’s in store for you in 2013, To Schedule email me at or call me at 864-326-5277 I am running specials with my Number Therapy Sessions/Readings. If you are ever in Greenville, SC, come see me at Studio Rejuvenate in Greer, SC.