Cosmic Light Body (3 Months)

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A note from Noble Anpu: I only shared a piece of these teachings with only one student [Shante]. And her complete dedication to her higher self & trust in me to convey this great universal truth has allowed her to reach high levels of enlightenment. What I will be sharing with the sincere seeker in this teaching is more powerful than what I originally shared with Shante.  


The Cosmic Light Body is a very advanced technique that will add light to your soul. When applied sincerely, your inner body will start to emit an outer light which is a sign of enlightenment. 

Although this is a 12 month course, the practices MUST be repeated for life as full enlightenment is a lifetime process. 

The end result of full enlightenment is properly gauged at the time of death. In the Tibetan tradition of the Dzogchen, complete realization occurs when the human body shrinks and sometimes disappears and emits an external light. Often times a rainbow will been seen in the place of the deceased person or over the city of the deceased person. 

In east Indian traditions, the Yogis body at the time of death will show no decay. 

The path to enlightenment is a very serious process and the most important decision a person can make. 

Within this course you will discover the following: 

  • Complete Activation of every bodily system to enhance life and vitality. 
  • Complete theory of anatomy & physiology  
  • Practical application of how to direct the cosmic forces within. 
  • Theory on many philosophical and mental subjects such as the Universal laws, alchemy, and Astrology.
  • Practical application of these laws to activate them within yourself.
  • Color theory and application. 
  • Correct time to apply these practices and when to shift to new areas.
  • Qi Gong 
  • One monthly webinar & conference for review.   
  • Equinox & Solstice Empowerment
  • Soul Mate and Soul Connecting 
  • FREE Aura Chakra testing at events to gauge your energy

Not only will your soul become enlarged with light, you will be able to reach a healthy state of being whereas you can transfer your energy and help increase their vibration which is their vitality. 


Please note: This teaching is part of Noble’s Cosmic Tantric Yoga Tradition

Cosmic = Order of the universe 

Tantra= Expand 

Yoga= Oneness or Unity 

You are to become one by expanding your conscience with the order of the universe thus reaching cosmic consciousness.  

Tantra is a philosophy that shows the aspirant how to expand the mind but in the west we solely think of tantra as sex. This too is practiced in tantra, as sex is seen as a divine union and vehicle that can speed up the process of enlightenment. We encourage couples and singles to join this course. 

Note: You will receive a certificate of completion at your years anniversary. At this point, your annual membership fee is only $197 to continue to have access to monthly teachings, trips, and discounts.