Power Couple or Struggle Couple Full Webinar


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Sunday February 11 @ 8 pm eastern


In this webinar Noble Anpu will examine the first 10 peoples relationship chart as a couple so you can learn how to identify positive and negative factors. 

Here is the truth about the virgin who gives herself only to her husband on the wedding day. 

  • Wife’s birthday is a cycle of planetary energy (cycle 1) 
  • Husbands birthday is a cycle of planetary energy (cycle 2)
  • Both husband and wife energy must be compatible and the merger of the two create a cycle. (cycle 3)
  • The first sexual exchange is called the Al-chemical wedding.  (cycle 4)
  • Couple finally decides to marry. (cycle 5) And this newly anniversary now has to contend with the 4 previous cycles. When these cycles conflict with one another, known as bad timing, conflict ensures. 
  • The riddle to the virgin wedding is to have both the al-chemical and physical wedding in conjunction with cycle 3 which is the relationships collective energy. 

In this full in depth webinar you will learn the following:

  • What area of your life does your partner sit in and should activate
  • Positive & Negative energy between both people based on the planets position to one another
  • Secret birthday of the relationship which should be the true wedding date 
  • When both parties energy are combined, what is the total sum of their energy. Is it more water, fire, air, or earth. Each element shows how the relationship should express itself. 
  • Is the energy of the relationship a mirror of one or both of the parties. This will show who is more of the lead in the relationship. 
  • Is the energy of the relationship a conflict with one of the parties.