Rite of Protection Download


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The Rite of Protection is LOADED with 6 ancient prayers & practices to totally remove negative energy and enlarge the light of your soul. 

The zip folder contains 12 audio files in MP3 format and a New PDF that shows you each exercise and PICTURES of the The Priesthood removing clouds, Arch Angel showing up and Eyes appearing in the heavens directly over Noble Anpu from practicing techniques 5 & 7. 

The audio files are:

1- New Introduction 

2. Kabbalistic Prayer Explained

3. Kabbalistic Prayer Technique

4. Kabbalistic Body of Light Explained

5. Kabbalistic Body of Light Technique 

6. Kabbalistic Banishing Rite Explained

7. Kabbalistic Banishing Technique

8. Central Column of Light Explained 

9. Central Column of Light Technique 

10. Prayer of the One who is Like God 

11. Triple Mantra of Light Explained

12. Triple of Mantra Technique


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