Testimonial from Justin Lee: Greetings, since I have been applying the methods daily that Anpu has instructed I have seen results. Money did not come right away, but I stayed patient and did not get sidetracked. First off, this past Thursday my wife has got an offer from a new job that is offering to pay her $10,000 dollar more than her previous employer.

Testimonial from Chanice: I just wanted to share some awesome news. After my call with you, Kesia, and Min Ju, I traveled home focusing on my feeling space and proclaimed my I AM statement. When I got home I meditated. Then I wrote out what I wanted, set my intentions and recited my I AM mission statement 3xs. Afterwards, I felt calm and at peace.

The next day the broker in charge called me and said that the buyers are willing to accept the release of contract with no extra fees, demands or talks of a law suit for not moving forward with the sale of the house.

I expressed sincere thanks to the Ancestors & Creator and all involved. I want to especially thank you three for being available. I signed both releases of contracts today, saving myself from making a decision that would’ve put me $13,337 in the hole. Duau Duau Duau 😄 Sis “Cha

Testimonial from CJ Miller: I’ve been feeling a little bit of guilt for waving so much on this since beginning so long ago. Ended up buying Imagination at work book yesterday and that prologue that sister wrote made feel a lot better about that struggle I’ve had with this reprogramming. I never went more than a couple days without doing my statement and meditation but I was struggling during the closing process of the house.

I can’t remember dates.
1)So I ended up getting 250 dollars from the comptroller of Texas back in august. Don’t know where the money came from.
2)Not only did I get the house I used in that I am Prosperity slide i sent in earlier in the program. I ended up saving an additional $6,000 on the house after a appraisal later in the process.
3)I’ve been stopped by the police twice in the past month and change. Once for speeding and the other for supposedly running a stop sign. In both cases I didn’t get a ticket, but with the stop sign I knew for some reason I wasn’t going to get a ticket. I’m not sure how much that’s worth though.

Testimonial from Alphadale:  So every day I would say the affirmation. So one day about 5 months ago the Owner of the company asked if I was getting a new truck, yes I replied. And we talked about the benefits of having one. So knowing at that moment I didn’t have the money I said OK great conversation. And went about working. Well 3 months later he sent me some pictures of a truck. I said nice. 3 weeks after that he said I needed to come to the office so I could pick up my new truck. A week later this is what I got with no money down and a brand new apu for $1500.00. Truck $140,000. Total deal $175,000.